Have courage

Have courage. Go after all the things you have ever wanted for yourself. Start a new chapter, recast yourself as the fearless shero because you are.

Feel free to grab at the low hanging fruit or go off on a limb. Because some things will be harder than others but it’s all worth it.

I hope you know this

In a world that likes to treat women like they are something lesser.
I hope you know that you are more than that
That you are important.
That you are special.
That you are unique.
That you are invaluable.

Lately I have been trying

Stay awhile and chat,
Ask how I am and mean it.
Say more if you can, let’s share a joke and maybe I will laugh.
I have been trying lately, trying to be the bigger person and check in on people that never check in on me.
I have been trying lately, trying to cosy up to friends who let me pick up where we left.
And lately, lately I am falling deeper in love with tapping out when I am in desperate need of my own company.

When did you stop living?

Tell me,
When did you decide to stop living
To shrink into half your size, become invisible.
When did you decide to stop breathing
To hold your breath & dare life to pass you by.
Come back to life.
Come up for air.
Destiny awaits you.


May your life be well watered and lush.
May you bloom, flourish & thrive.
May you enjoy abundance & overflow
May your harvest be plentious.

Creative muses: Upile Chisala

Yet another creative muse of mine is Upile Chisala, a poet and published author this time. Her pen spits beautiful words that speak to my soul of healing, power, love and other languages I can understand. I also love how visually creative she is. I won’t say much but just feast on these, please.

May you blossom again when you are burnt out like a field after the rain.

May you sprout anew.

Your roots run deep.

You were made for this.

To survive. To thrive.

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