Have courage

Have courage. Go after all the things you have ever wanted for yourself. Start a new chapter, recast yourself as the fearless shero because you are.

Feel free to grab at the low hanging fruit or go off on a limb. Because some things will be harder than others but it’s all worth it.

I hope you know this

In a world that likes to treat women like they are something lesser.
I hope you know that you are more than that
That you are important.
That you are special.
That you are unique.
That you are invaluable.

When did you stop living?

Tell me,
When did you decide to stop living
To shrink into half your size, become invisible.
When did you decide to stop breathing
To hold your breath & dare life to pass you by.
Come back to life.
Come up for air.
Destiny awaits you.

For all the women

Artist: Brittany Symone

This one is for all the women
All the women in me
All the women in the world
All the women in the struggle
Hearts so scarred by love and life they have lost count

Who is counting the wounds?
Not I!
Every one worn with bravery like a badge of honour
I made it through
I survived
I sacrificed

Who is counting the sheroes of this struggle?
Lying on love’s altar as a bizzare sacrifice
Intertwined in a strange sisterhood

This one is for all the women
The ones soaking their hearts in salty tears,
Soothing themselves with Psalms
Laying themselves to sleep with hymns
Praying for some day anytime soon to show up full of the promises they sort, not the lies they believed

You are whole
You are worthy
You are loved

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