Take Your Time

Take your time and drench your pillows in it.
Let the tears flow like rain.
Take your time and feel the pain, will you
Let it wash over you in waves
Wounds heal with time
This too shall pass
When walking through the valley of the shadow of death
Let it be

Have courage

Have courage. Go after all the things you have ever wanted for yourself. Start a new chapter, recast yourself as the fearless shero because you are.

Feel free to grab at the low hanging fruit or go off on a limb. Because some things will be harder than others but it’s all worth it.

I hope you know this

In a world that likes to treat women like they are something lesser.
I hope you know that you are more than that
That you are important.
That you are special.
That you are unique.
That you are invaluable.

Lately I have been trying

Stay awhile and chat,
Ask how I am and mean it.
Say more if you can, let’s share a joke and maybe I will laugh.
I have been trying lately, trying to be the bigger person and check in on people that never check in on me.
I have been trying lately, trying to cosy up to friends who let me pick up where we left.
And lately, lately I am falling deeper in love with tapping out when I am in desperate need of my own company.

When did you stop living?

Tell me,
When did you decide to stop living
To shrink into half your size, become invisible.
When did you decide to stop breathing
To hold your breath & dare life to pass you by.
Come back to life.
Come up for air.
Destiny awaits you.


May your life be well watered and lush.
May you bloom, flourish & thrive.
May you enjoy abundance & overflow
May your harvest be plentious.

Call a truce with love

Art by Eka Peradze

Never think you are too cynical for love,
It will come busting down your doors
It will flood your senses
Ransack your heart until there is no dream left you wouldn’t give up just to feel this feeling again and again
Open your arms to it,
Let it in and set your terms
For love is better as an ally than a foe

Rain of tears

Art by Keith Malett

Eyes heavy with tears unshed I turn to the sun
These tears aren’t mine
They aren’t mine to cry, they never were

Untold Stories

Illustration by Aminah Danzler

Give me the pen I want to write.
Quiet, a room, soft light.
I have unfinished stories I need to tell so they can end.
Unfinished lines I need to complete.
I want to unwrite this story I am living.
Erase my grandmother’s pain.
Yes, the same one I have been carrying.
I want to breathe out her last sigh,
Cry her last tear,
Pray her last prayer,
Put down her sadness
And live, and love, and write a new and beautiful story
A story about how love got us here and now will lead us home.

Shedding fatigue

They said after hardship comes ease
So I toiled and waited
Still nothing
Now I want to shed this fatigue
It’s heavy and doesn’t feel like it’s meant for me

Return home

Image by Michael Aboya on Instagram

It’s tempting to keep searching. Searching for a deeper meaning.
For purpose.
Searching for happiness, for peace.
For belonging, a deep connection.
It’s all within.
If you return to yourself you find the door that leads to it all.
You find the path that will lead you home.

To every woman who is broken

To every woman who is broken and wounded.

I know you bruise easily and cant see yourself clearly in the mirror but you are worthy.

Worthy of love & respect. Worthy,

of the space you take up in this world. Worthy,

of every breath, every new day, every blessing. Worthy,

of every achievement, every table you sit at.

You are worthy of your every lofty goal.

And every kind of awesome you ever thought you ARE.

Don’t you let yourself forget this truth.

Now go live it.

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