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If you ever find yourself in doubt, of yourself, your voice, or where you are headed in this life just look up to the sky. Vast, majestic, her seams unknown to mankind. There is no end to her, no boundaries yet drawn. The stars that adorn her, no one can count. Of the brilliance of... Continue Reading →

The long pause

Sometimes you need silence because the experiences you are going through are too poignant. Too intense. Too raw to give voice. So you sit there and just observe yourself for a while. Watch as things fall apart and blend back together. Watch as boundaries blur and finally come into focus. Watch as fear, doubt, anxiety... Continue Reading →


Writting is catharsis. A small back door to let out steam. The chatter in my head quiets down, there are no critics There are no rules on how loud or polite I must be. No standards about what can or can't be said. There is just pen, paper, me and acres of opportunity. This is... Continue Reading →

All my children

This one is for my unborn children. The ones that never saw the sun. You are not forgotten. I still think of you in the midst of my happiest moments. I imagine what it would be like with you here. When I hug your sisters and brother I imagine stretching my arms wider so you... Continue Reading →


Image by Akeesha Walters This is the story of how I came to be a city girl, the evolution of a small town girl into a whole revolution. Every small town girls dream is to move to the big city. Every ghetto girls dream is to live across town in the big houses with eternally... Continue Reading →

Whose grief is this?

Image: Jellyfish by Oxcoxa Being an emphath is difficult during the best of times. We feel everything. Deeply. We often catch feelings that are not ours, literally. The sickness of the world sometimes leaves us doubled up in pain, our own bodies torn apart by it. As the world reels from the effects of the... Continue Reading →

For all the women

Artist: Brittany Symone This one is for all the womenAll the women in meAll the women in the worldAll the women in the struggleHearts so scarred by love and life they have lost countWho is counting the wounds? Not I! Every one worn with bravery like a badge of honourI made it throughI survivedI sacrificedWho... Continue Reading →

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