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My name is Tino. I started blogging in an attempt to find myself after moving from a small town to the city in Zimbabwe. For a shy, introverted girl city living brought a new awakening and opened up possibilities I had never imagined. I slowly become woke and finally able to name all the things that irked me about how this world works and how people like me are treated in spaces. I poured out my thoughts through an anonymous blog I called Pfimbi Yangu back then.

Pfimbi Yangu means literally, “My secret place” and I went to there when I needed to figure things out or vent or didn’t have the courage to say things out loud. I wrote as Pfimbi Yangu when I had opinions I thought too political, too raw, too radical for anyone to hear and let alone care about.

When one of my posts got published in a local newspaper I felt so accomplished. Then I had another post go viral for the first time ever and I felt like I had arrived! At some point I “came out” as the voice behind Pfimbi Yangu.

After a while, though, I started to question myself. My voice sounded less and less like me. I knew without a doubt that I was no longer the young woman that had found voice in Pfimbi Yangu, hiding behind a pseudonym. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what and who I was becoming. So I deleted the blog and lay low for a while. Losing all my recognition, the viral posts, the many followers who were there for me hurt, deeply. But some things have to die in order for you to grow.

Then in June, 2019 I decided I was ready to come back into the bloggosphere. This time I called the blog, “Ankara & Lattes”, a tribute to my African identity and fierce feminist spirit which blend with modern millennial’s love for lattes, solo travel, fine living and tech.

This time I bring all. All the women in me, the entire revolution! I come to tell my side, our side of the story. We the dreamers with one foot steeped in our Africaness and the other reaching into alternative futures. I come to stamp my foot onto history, to leave my mark. I come with a voice that’s no longer shaky.

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