“Breathe. Let this season be what it needs to be.”

I had these words on a pinned note in my phone all year this 2022 and every time I found myself overwhelmed, unable to breathe I turned to them. An acknowledgement that we do not have as much control over this life as we would like to. A reminder that even when life is interrupted or we are in over our heads if we just breathe and let things be, time passes and things do get better.

And so I focused on this thing – breathing. Such a basic function of life. Drawing air keeps us alive at a very fundamental level – it gives the body an important resource to keep us functioning. And when under pressure – we forget to breathe. Quite literally – anxiety, worry and stress will have you holding your breathe, so it’s a matter of life and death too.

I like to think its such a struggle because breathing under pressure requires us to pause and be present enough, logical to raise that the panic and being all over the place won’t help anything. But stopping and being rational and intentional doesn’t come easy on the heat of the moment. So when I say the goal for 2022 was to breathe and let things be – that’s a HUGE task right there!

Breathe. Let this be.

While my son was battling cancer. While our little family tried desperately to hold it together. While I fell apart every couple of hours but kept showing up on the daily. While God did his thing in the background, working miracle after miracle to see us through this most challenging of years.

But breathe, I did. And instead of falling apart things came together more beautifully than I could have imagined. Better than I could have dreamed or prayed for. The little one is in remission and so many things I hadn’t even dared to hope for just happened.

I thought I would write more about this season as it happened but I had no words. Better late than never, though.

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