Good Enough Mom

To be a mother is to always worry about being “a good mother” or in my case, being a “good enough” one. It’s really hard to tell if you are doing well in this endeavor, though, because a lot of what you do as a mother is received with nonchalance most of the time and there is no formal review process now is there?! 😜

I find myself hanging onto every sign that my efforts matter so you can imagine when Mazvi, my first born, told me how she got full marks on a really hard school assignment and her teacher marvelled at how her parents (namely me) help her with school when most just let kids figure it out alone.

Now this is a girl who is writing grade 7 exams this year and working really hard. Most days I try to make time and help out with homework, study tips, proof reading compositions and all sorts of practical work. I don’t always have the time, or the patience for homeschool and often feel real crappy when I snap or can’t be there and she is really struggling.

Mr Teacher Man recognising the work done here is A REALLY BIG DEAL!!! So excuse me while I wear my invisible “supermom” award from my daughter and her teacher with pride because this feeling feels so damn good.

I know mothers are supposed to take all this in stride and not talk about it but I think I like it here – being seen and acknowledged for my efforts feels fantastic.

To every mom doing her best to support her exam class student or just helping her learners keep up; “I see you. You are doing a great job, you! Supermom! Sando dzako!!!”


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