Finding the answers

Art by Elena Gual

The answers to every question under the sun are in a book somewhere waiting to be found.

There is something to that old saying – there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever you are going through you can trust that you aren’t the first or the last to experience it. We are lucky to live in a time where it’s become common to write problems and share their solutions for free. So read, read widely.

Find books, forums, blogs, social media accounts that speak to your issue and educate yourself to better understand your own struggle and how others overcame it.

My all time favorite reads are:
1. It Did Not Start With You
2. The Body Keeps Score
3. Love For Imperfect Things
4. The Bible

Some IG accounts that helped me are;
Yvette Aloe
Kier Gaines
Michell Clark

As you read you will discover the language to talk about yourself and your wounds as well as the tools to heal them. Be deliberate about the content you consume, it can make or break you.

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