The Big Cry

Art by Elena Gaul

Every so often,
surrender and let the water do it’s work
Maybe the big cry
comes right before the big miracle.
Maybe the big cry is the miracle.
-Upile Chisala

Whenever we talk about mental health, wellness and routes to healing we must talk about crying. We need to talk about why it’s okay, even necessary for your wellness journey.

Surrender and let yourself cry at some point so you can let the stress go, so you can let it heal. We often resist tears but when you open the flood gates it’s not just water that washes over you but a strange kind of relief and calm. I say strange but there is a science to all this, hear me out.

1. Emotional tears contain stress hormones and flush them out of your system
2. Crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS helps your body rest and digest. A good cry is triggers a period of rest.
3. Crying releases hormones called oxytocin and endorphins, these are our own in built self soothing mechanism.

In short, crying balances out your emotions and is a scientific miracle self healing mechanism.

I often found myself crying as I processed things at various stages of my own journey. Small small tears as an old memory surfaced, a river of tears as I pulled the scabs of old wounds oozing pus from years of neglect,rolling-on-the-floor-sobbing-and-screaming tears as I finally let go of things. It’s all a necessary part of the journey and the beauty is you live to tell the story of how you overcame and you get to create the future you desire with no baggage.

I hope you give yourself permission to the water do it’s work. Behind closed doors or safe in the arms of a loved one or under the watchful eye of a trained professional. Do the needful.

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