Routes to healing

Art by Elena Gaul

Three routes to healing
1. You must let the pain visit
2. You must let it teach you
3. You must not let it overstay
– Ijeoma Osike Umebinyuo

Journaling saved my life. For real. Because the route to healing involves sitting with yourself, listening to where it hurts, asking your pain the right questions so you learn why it hurts and finding ways to be in care with yourself so you can heal the hurt and replace it with something else – something good.

Therapy allows you to do all of this through talking to someone who is trained in the art of healing and can guide you in your introspection, help you figure yourself out. Journaling allows you to do the same thing by pulling out your thoughts and feelings, putting them on paper so you can better see and untangle them by yourself.

I have kept many electronic journals during my journey to wellness. I love them for the ability to customize how I re-organise the chaos in my head and lock  away the horrors of my heart with a secure password.

You can also track your moods with smileys or words and get a better sense of what your happy/sad ratio is. This is especially important because feeling sad is a normal feeling for all of us and generally a 60/40 ratio between positive feelings and the negative is considered healthy.

I highly recommend making journaling a part of your life if you want to be well and happy. It’s a really good way to get to know yourself, to pick up things that are stressing you and start to find healthy ways of dealing with them. And if you are not much of a writter most journal apps let you record voice instead.

What’s not to like?

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