I wrote a note to myself in January. A blessing. It said “God is doing a new thing in your life…”. It spoke of transformation, a flood of good things, a blossoming that would be beautiful to behold. Sometimes I wonder if I am blossoming at all. Then I look around me and laugh because I am surrounded by blessings, dreams come alive and answered prayer everywhere I look.

This is quite a wonderful thing because I am generally a very ambitious person. So much so that every five years I hold a moonshot thinking session and make it my mission to dream up the wildest dreams I can imagine for my life. I take these big ideas and turn them into the biggest, hairiest, most audacious goals for myself. Then I get to work!

I did this in 2019, gifted myself a trip and spendt a couple of days in glorious solitude and silence mapping out the next chapter of my life, designing the next version of my. A lot of things I am working on for my life currently, the crazy ones at least, are things I dreamed of on that trip. Everything I am becoming emerged from that blueprint God and I created that time.

Year one is such a high because you have beginners energy, beginners luck and all of that on your side. Then things get real, very quick in year two.

I am now in year three of this current cycle which is mid-stream. Every December I pause and take stock of all of the wins and acknowledge the fails. The energy can begin to wane but you need to focus on how far you have come and celebrate all of your wins. The disappointments can start to mount up and make you want to give up, focus on what you have learnt from all of it and how you will use that to do better.

I am writing this to say “Go ahead and dream big! Aim for somewhere between crazy ambitious and science fiction. Then get to work. There is no dream too big to be lived by you”.

In 1961 JF Kennedy, then President of America set an ambitious target to land an American on the moon before the decade was out. It seemed impossible at the time but in 1969 it happened. You too can do the impossible for your life. Dream it then their your everything into making it happen.

May God go with you!

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