Stop trying to find yourself, you aren’t lost.

Social media has given us an unhealthy fixation with finding ourselves. It’s like getting back to the older versions of ourselves will make the life we are living now become just as great as life was in the past we romanticize. When you are feeling stuck this can be comforting but it’s an unhealthy fixation with the past and a wrong understanding of how we evolve as people. Just as butterflies go through metamorphosis, changing from pupae to butterfly, human identity is not a constant state.

We are preoccupied with loss of identity and constantly trying to figure out who we are. The thing is – you do not lose or forget yourself like something that can be misplaced or stolen. You change. We all do. There’s seasons to our lives as we evolve into different versions of ourselves.

This process can involve burying parts of ourselves that no longer serve. Or taking up new ways of being to suit where life has taken us. Sometimes, if you are not in tune with yourself it is easy to wake up one day and feel like you don’t recognise the life you are living. And if you had a particular version of yourself that you really liked it can feel like you “lost” yourself there.

Instead of spending a lifetime trying to be the “old you”, however exciting that person was, be more intentional about your evolution and take bold strides towards who you want to become. Let the past be, who you were back then served their purpose. Step into the future more intentionally and deliberately mold the upcoming version/s of you into someone you can be proud of.

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