Creative muses: Finding Paola

Paola Mathe – creative muse #1

It’s no secret that writing is my first love but one of my earliest memories is of my father teaching me how to use a camera. Photography has always drawn me though I am not a very good shot myself. It’s no doubt then women creatives using photography as a medium fascinate me no end. One of my muses is Paola Mathe who I came across on Instagram where she goes by Finding Paola.

Paola is incredibly talented and is constantly bringing really amazing visuals to the timeline. She has a love for color and attention to detail that make every shot feel like it a labour of love.

What awes me the most about Paola is how her creativity is consistent throughout the different seasons of her life. It’s unrelenting. She just does not stop. Watching her create while struggling with health issues, with new motherhood, with her second pregnancy, while growing her business etc had been a life lesson for me.

In every circumstance there is a story to be told using your kind of creativity as a medium and telling our stories is necessary not only to purge our demons but to let others know they are not alone and to bring beauty into the world in ways only creative beings can.

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