Get off your phone and live

Living in this digital age is both a dream come true and a nightmare. It’s really convenient that we can easily connect to most of what we need on our phones and computers; now more than ever. No lie.

I found myself lying in bed, sleepless yet again the other day and just scrolling through social media on the phone. You tell yourself you are killing time until the sleep comes whereas it’s the phone actually keeping you awake. Just like it’s keeping us away from so many other things.

Sharing pictures of amazing stuff publicly has become such a thing we have started to photograph breathtaking moments instead of experiencing them. We see looking at life though the screen instead of actually living it.

Our senses are constantly overwhelmed because every moment of the day we are peaking into the perfectly curated lives of others and processing gloomy news from all over the world.

Could this be why there are so many people feeling like they don’t have enough money, enough time, enough power and respect, enough of the good life?

When you hardly look around you to experience and appreciate what you have you end up stressed and pressured chasing after what you think you don’t have.

We don’t speak about digital wellbeing enough so people don’t realize what they see doing to themselves by always having the phone in hand. We don’t realize all the time we are losing while glued to our gadgets.

But how do we claim back your time, unplug and actually live.

1. Phone free mornings

That habit of waking up and going straight for your phone. Stop it. Set a time every morning that’s strictly no phone. It could be just that first hour or you could actually just only open your phone after 8.

2. Don’t let your phone be a distraction

Put the phone away when working, when in the presence of other people, when watching TV etc. The point is if you find yourself multitasking with the phone, put it away and focus on the other thing whatever it is.

3. Wind down in the evening

It’s easy to scroll past midnight. Don’t do it. Have a set time when you put the phone away, it’s fine it’s job for the day. I think I will make mine 7PM and devote the rest of the day to family, myself and getting a good night’s sleep.

Wellness is important, especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Getting our digital lives under control is one way to take back control of our health, actually notice life happening and deepen relationships with those who matter the most in real life.

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