The long pause

Image from Creations by Inencia

Sometimes we are silent, not from a lack of things to say but because the experiences we are going through are too poignant, too intense, too raw to give voice.

So you sit there and just observe yourself for a while. Watch as things fall apart and blend back together. Watch as boundaries blur and finally come into focus. Watch as fear, doubt, anxiety scream their lungs out until they go hoarse then reluctantly leave center stage to hope, faith and love.

Sometimes a long pause comes, loud and drawn out, disrupting all the chatter of everyday living. Sometimes you emerge from the silence rested, with new wisdoms and a new story to tell.

2 thoughts on “The long pause

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  1. Can I humbly say, I relate!
    Cheers to hope, faith, love, clarity, new wisdom and a new story to tell!!


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