Good Vibes Only!

The other day during a conversation Mr Man said to me “You are a very very sensitive woman. I mean like very very VERY deeply sensitive. You feel everything and you take it to heart”. That I am, no denying it! I am an emphatic Sagittarius who also happens to have an INFJ personality. I am that rare introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging type. You cannot begin to imagine how hard we have it this year.

My people i.e. the emphaths, the healers; we are feeling and dealing with a lot of emotions, our own and those of others, during this global pandemic. The world is in pain and we feel it all, we carry it like a physical load on our shoulders.

A sensitive person will be in the same room with someone that’s got a headache and next thing you know you got it too! You will be minding your own business when you get a call from a loved one that’s going through something, next thing you know you are also feeling whatever they are struggling with. We are emotional sponges like that. Most of us without even knowing this is who we are or realizing this is what is going on. Others know and struggle with it, an elite few master the gift and can heal or turn off bad energies or channel positive ones and diffuse situations. But that’s a whole other post, there.

This business of being a “sensitive” person is not spoken about a lot and when it is its spoken of as some voodoo stuff or some weakness. The ignorance this brings makes it hard to be this kind of person. Often you don’t know what going on and you are just going through it. So if what I have just described here is you – take heart, you are’t weird, you aren’t alone and you can control this. Here’s how to manage emotional overload:


Take off your shoes, walk barefoot for a while. If you can get outside and step on some soil directly do that. Or take it a step further and get into the garden, nurture a plant, touch the soil with your hands while you work. The earth exchanges her energies with us all the time, you will feel loads calmer and energized in no time.

Look to the sun:

The sun is the biggest energy source known to man. There is a reason some civilizations worshiped her back then. Open a window or go outdoors and soak in some sun, preferably looking up so you feel it on your face. Fell it warm you up, imagine the negative energies melting away like ice. Its fail safe. If there’s no sun, sit by the fire, take a warn bath, drink a warm cup. There is something about warmth thats comforting.


Almost every religion on earth incorporates some form of music, for a reason. Music speaks to our subconscious and to the divine in many ways. Play some music to suite your mood – soothing music to calm you, happy music to cheer you up, dance music when you feel lethargic to help you move and get the blood flowing in your veins.

Scent it away:

Take a salt bath or use any scented products you can get your hands on. As you bath imagine the soap washing away all the emotions that are not yours, pray as you bath and affirm this. Baths are not just about washing away dirt – there is something spiritual about water. This is why so many religious rituals include use of water, often as a purifier, an agent for washing clean, for washing things away. Make every bath your own little ritual.

Now do you see what we just did there? You have 4 tips for balancing your energies and emotional state now, dear empath – earth, fire, sound, water. Hope you find this useful. Let me know in the comments how your emphath journey is going during this tough time…

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5 thoughts on “Good Vibes Only!

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  1. Thank you Tino. No wonder why I love your blog, I am an INFJ as well😊😊. I always identify myself in most of your blogs.

    Just to add a few tips that have helped me especially in this season-:

    *Sleeping helps me to unwind especially after a tough day. Looking forward to another day helps to shake off all the bad vibes

    * Cleaning Up- I agree that water is therapeutic so for me doing the dishes and laundry helps me a lot.

    *Journaling helps me as well


  2. I am also an INFJ and I feel at times people don’t understand me as I am sensitive. Sensitive to vibes esp, I am to sense people’s vibes. And when I am a little under the weather, the following do help me-:
    *Bathing, washing clothes or doing the dishes. Anything with water is very therapeutic for me.
    *Music – A little melody goes a long way in igniting me.
    *Journaling – writing down my worries, fears, joys and prayers helps me unwind.


    1. Most people do not understand, you are right on that. The important thing is for you to understand and master yourself I have realised. The rest doesnt matter so much


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