Seasons of Life

This one is for the ones who are not sure which season of life they are in right now.

It’s for the 30 something old mother who did the whole “be a good girl- get married – have kids” routine and isn’t quite sure if this is what happily ever after is supposed to feel like.

It’s for the 25 year old who still doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a house, doesn’t have a car and isn’t quite sure just yet that they are on the right path.

It’s for the 47 year old who has put in the time and effort chasing dreams but has nothing to show for it – not yet.

It’s for the 69 year old who is post retirement and wondering were the years went.

Give yourself grace as you shift though the seasons of your life, nothing and no one blooms all year around.

It is true that there are seasons to life. If you pay attention you will see the trends.

Some years of your life will be full of success, progress and joy. Some will be full of struggle, pain and loss. Others will be a time of healing, renewal and growth. At times you will bloom and shine at your very brightest.

Know this – it is all part of the journey and it all happens with perfect timing. The cycle of life is very much the same in nature and in human life. We, too, go through our own winters and springs.

Transitioning between seasons can be painful especially when you move from extreme highs to extreme lows and vice versa. Here are some lessons that can help us through:

Find the rhythm: We often do not pay attention to the ebb and flow of events in our lives or the feelings they bring. Slow down and pay attention you will find the rhythm. Acknowledge and name the seasons, see how they affect you, find ways of coping that work best for you. Remember all of life is a cycle, you will be back here again – over and over until life is through. Next time you can come better prepared.

Letting go: Moving between seasons will mean at times having to let go of people, of things, of places. Shedding leaves like the trees. Learn to let go with grace. The time you spend with bare branches, with bare minimum is necessary for renewal. Everything comes back to us, better, bigger, brighter if we give it space.

It’s all a cycle: Anything we go through is part of the cycle of life. Birth, death, renewal -repeat again. Everything must change and change again. That’s one of the certainties of this life. As sure as the sunrise and sunset every day. We all must go through it, so the best option is to do it with grace.

Harvest and enjoy your life in seasons of plenty, prepare for your winters thrive in them as best you can.

It is through the seasons that we grow. Be the master of your own journey.

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