Whose grief is this?

Image: Jellyfish by Oxcoxa

Being an emphath is difficult during the best of times. We feel everything. Deeply. We often catch feelings that are not ours, literally. The sickness of the world sometimes leaves us doubled up in pain, our own bodies torn apart by it.

As the world reels from the effects of the virus known as COVID-19, being an empath has become particularly taxing.

Many people are drowning in worry, anxiety and depression as governments order everyone to stay home. The fear that’s gripping humankind is almost palpable -fear of catching it, fear of loved ones catching it, fear of losing everything and never recovering. We, empaths, we feel it all -on everybodies behalf.

There is an unrelenting restlessness. A sorrow that we are feeling and cannot explain. A sense of deep loss as people’s lives, work, hopes and dreams are snatched away and torn by this horrible virus.

In the face of unprovoked death we take up a collective mourning for life on behalf of people we never knew, we sensitive ones. In the face of this massive pain, this heavy weight like lead we groan and ache and struggle to breathe, to heal, to keep moving on we healers of this world.

It’s a difficult life to explain to those who don’t already know. I would never attempt to shed light on how we absorb and cleanse the energies of this world. How we sense and sooth the broken in our own way.

May you stay strong, oh gentle spirit. May you find a strength that’s not your own to keep going. May you rise up and not just be a sponge for the energies around you but radiate positive energy always. This world will need those like you to live through, heal and recovery from all this.

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  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Sometimes we are called softies but we feel everything


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