Broken Things

Love is a beautiful thing, no doubt. And one of the biggest blessings of our lives is the sheer abundance of love we can experience from family, strangers who friends and others just passing through our lives. But human beings are complex broken things too. Many times their jagged edges cut us as we try to hold them close.

Beauty in brokenness

We fall in love with the dream. The dream that since they are broken and we are broken too, our edges will fit together. That they have done their healing, or maybe, our wounds will heal each other. Too often they don’t. And the closer you hold them, the deeper the cuts go until you are bleeding into the soil were you stand.

It is futile in the end this hoping against hope that in defiance of nature, broken things will become whole-living breathing again.

The broken are not entitled to your unconditional love even as they pepper your path with shattered glass and tear to to shreds over and over. If you continue to engage sometimes you too end up broken. Cut to pieces and wild with the pain of it, bitter.

Only in Him are we made whole

Our hearts are programmed to love even the broken ones. Often we fool ourselves into thinking we can fix them. Life charges a high price for this foolishness. We are punished again and again for daring to think we can fix a fellow human. For only in God are we made whole.

We are all broken in our ways and in need of healing. May this season be the one in which we finally realise the potential broken things have for beauty -that is not our job to create. Each person has their path to walk. The best we can do is help loved ones acknowledge their broken places and stand still long enough for the maker to do the mending.

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