Dreams on Pause

Illustration credit: Manu Kongolo

I am a lifelong dreamer. Have always had aspirations far beyond my station in life and people’s expectations. It’s the only way to live the life you want honestly.

Sometimes life happens though and other things come along that seem maybe more important at the time. So you pack your dreams away in an imaginary pretty box, lovingly put a bow on it and stuff it under your bed. To be retrieved as soon as possible, you tell yourself.

Then life starts unraveling a completely different plan from yours. Next thing you know it’s years and a decade and you still haven’t gone back to those dreams your shelved.

The thing is this. Dreams like flowers need oxygen, sunlight and friendly faces. If they stay locked up too long they whither and die.

Too often we let this happen then after a while we rummage around for the dreams we stored them and are shocked when all thats left is the dust and mold of aspirations that no longer suit the person we have become.

Dreams need tender loving care. They need to hear a cheery “Good morning” every day. They thrive on whispered endearments by the kitchen sink and tender caresses in the shower.

Dreams like bodies like to be acted upon, with passion and singlemindedness. They like to give you orgasms in spite of your mood. Dreams like to lie awake with you at night, limbs entwined jointly making plans for the future.

Here’s some advice, lovingly unpack your dreams today. Our hopes and ambitions are too dear to dismiss for any reason.

Take them out. Tenderly dust them up and tell them your heartfelt apologies.

Let them stay beside you through out the day and snuggle up to you at night.

We are full of new and wondrous things that the world has yet to see birthed. When you delay the full blossoming of any part of you this world is the poorer for not having witnessed you at your best. Live fully. Live now.

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