Glamourising Motherhood

I struggle to process the constant flow of flamboyant shows of motherly love and joy on Instagram.

Everyday, perfectly coifered women pregnant, straight from labour or raising kids post perfect pics of their children and profess undying love or reaffirm (again) how deeply they enjoy motherhood.

This glamourisation of motherhood has me wondering what has changed.

I have three children very few cute pictures of any of it. Half the time I was screaming inside “what the fuck have I done. Someone please save me. I don’t know what the fuck I am doing” or “I am sooo tired”. It definitely wasn’t this seemingly easy going journey filled that fills social media.

Of course I love my children. They are beautiful beings that fill my life with joy and I hope I make them as happy as they make me. But this constant “my whole world” and “nothing made sense before you” etc I don’t get.

In my life, the kids are one wonderful part among many others. My heart isn’t full to bursting everyday definitely, some days I am just worrying about money to take care of them, teaching them good manners and kindness you know that kind of stuff.

What’s going on?

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