Eat, Pray, Love – One woman’s search for everything

I bought a copy of “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert this past week. A couple of years ago I watched the movie when it came out but movies are never quite like the book they are adapted from are they?

This book, I hear, is written by a woman who left her marriage in search of herself and went through 3 distinct phases in search of pleasure, spirituality and balance. Her story is nothing like mine, maybe that’s why I have avoided this book for so long.

The luxury of opting out of marriage is largely foreign where I am from – here you wait to get sent “back to your father’s house”. Even if dude found you staying in an apartment by yourself in some Jacaranda lined boulevard, completely independent.

Pray is what you do after the divorce – fervent prayer for him to change his mind and come back to you even if you don’t love him anymore and all you wanted was for the chapter of your life that involved him to be over. You pray because that’s what divorcees do to escape the stigma of being divorced.

Balance is that sweet spot you try to find between your income and expenses especially when left raising a child by yourself.

I am reading this book because I would like a glimpse into what it is like being a voluntarily divorced white woman traveling the world in search of herself.

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