Lessons on friendship

Lately my daughter is all about friendship. We are constantly having conversations about how to make friends and what to do about all sorts of the friendship drama. It's fun listening to her friendship stories and helping her figure things out. As a mom also navigating friendships I am often amazed at how some of... Continue Reading →

Good Enough Mom

To be a mother is to always worry about being "a good mother" or in my case, being a "good enough" one. It's really hard to tell if you are doing well in this endeavor, though, because a lot of what you do as a mother is received with nonchalance most of the time and... Continue Reading →

Small wins

Ever wonder how the big ships feel when anchored on the dock too long? Do they miss the sea? Do they long to be out in the water, chasing the wind, no land in sight? Do they just float and enjoy the moment knowing they are built for the seas and it's only a matter... Continue Reading →

Finding the answers

Art by Elena Gual The answers to every question under the sun are in a book somewhere waiting to be found. There is something to that old saying - there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever you are going through you can trust that you aren't the first or the last to experience it.... Continue Reading →

Routes to healing

Art by Elena Gaul Three routes to healing1. You must let the pain visit2. You must let it teach you3. You must not let it overstay- Ijeoma Osike Umebinyuo Journaling saved my life. For real. Because the route to healing involves sitting with yourself, listening to where it hurts, asking your pain the right questions... Continue Reading →

The Big Cry

Art by Elena Gaul Every so often,surrender and let the water do it's workMaybe the big crycomes right before the big miracle.Maybe the big cry is the miracle.-Upile Chisala Whenever we talk about mental health, wellness and routes to healing we must talk about crying. We need to talk about why it's okay, even necessary... Continue Reading →

The Good Life

Art by Elena Gaul We all want to live the good life. And when you grow up poor you often associate that with having money and being able to afford certain things, live a certain kind of lifestyle. That was me, small town girl moved to the big city, got educated, got a job, got... Continue Reading →

Well & Good

Art by Elena Gaul I was looking back on my journey with wellness over the last couple of years and marvelling at it all. The things I had to learn about trauma & healing. The unlikely connections I made with others who were struggling and in the pursuit of happiness too. The calm waters I... Continue Reading →

Make peace

Make peace with yourself.There's no need to keep setting yourself on fire for the mistakes of the past.Hold yourself with care,The future awaits you, innocent and vast


I wrote a note to myself in January. A blessing. It said "God is doing a new thing in your life...". It spoke of transformation, a flood of good things, a blossoming that would be beautiful to behold. Sometimes I wonder if I am blossoming at all. Then I look around me and laugh because... Continue Reading →

Have courage

Have courage. Go after all the things you have ever wanted for yourself. Start a new chapter, recast yourself as the fearless shero because you are

I hope you know…

In a world that likes to treat women like they are something lesser.I hope you know that you are more than thatThat you are important.That you are special.That you are unique.That you are invaluable.

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